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LAND USE: Development of Real Estate

Alampi & De Marrais is the premier Land Use Firm in Northern New Jersey. Carmine R. Alampi, Esq., is a recognized expert in the field. The Firm handles a variety of land use applications before all municipal, county and state agencies. Projects range from large scale commercial development, such as strip malls or residential condominiums; to smaller residential projects for private homeowners, seeking to build an addition to their home. Alampi & De Marrais is recognized for its thorough analysis, preparation and professional demeanor. In addition to representation of private clientele, the Firm also serves as attorney for the planning board for the City of Garfield, the planning board of the Borough of Fairview, the zoning board of the Village of Ridgefield Park as well as special counsel to the County of Bergen.


COMPLEX COMMERCIAL TRANSACTIONS: Finance; Purchase; Sale; and Development of Commercial Sites


As recognized experts in Land Use, clients of Alampi & De Marrais frequently require additional services for the purchase of large commercial parcels of property or for the sale of newly approved commercial developments. Clients recognize and appreciate the comprehensive legal knowledge of the Firm’s attorneys and their attention to all aspects of an acquisition/sale necessary to protect their interests in a complex commercial transaction. The Firm’s ability to negotiate a deal, without compromising their client’s position, has earned Alampi & De Marrais a reputation of being strong, yet practical.


COMMUNITY ASSOCIATIONS: Condos; Co-ops; Assisted Living; Apartment Development


The demand for community living has resulted in the Firm establishing a reputation as a leader in obtaining approvals for community association development (i.e., residential condominiums, assisted living facilities or rental apartments). From securing development approvals to drafting public offering statements for condominium associations to interfacing with the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs, Alampi & De Marrais has an extensive knowledge of the challenges that face the Community Association practitioner. Conversion of a large scale rental building into a for-sale condominium development; or obtaining approval for sale of newly constructed condominium requires a complete understanding of the myriad of rules and regulations of the State of New Jersey and the Department of Community Affairs. Alampi & De Marrais is recognized for its experience in dealing with the governmental bureaucracy and obtaining necessary approvals.


LITIGATION: Business and Partnership Disputes


Alampi & De Marrais is recognized by clients, colleagues and adversaries, as one of the most persistent, diligent and successful litigation firms in North Jersey. Michael F. De Marrais, Esq., has over 40 years experience in litigating every type of controversy. Typical suits include: Business disputes between partners, shareholders, or family members; Contractual disputes between individuals and contractors; Work place problems between employees and employers; and Landlord tenant issues. The Firm’s associates and back up staff are highly experienced and knowledgeable of the Court Rules pertaining to legal proceedings. Alampi & De Marrais consistently obtains favorable results because of its preparation, competency and experience.


PERSONAL INJURY: Lawsuits/Arbitration Resulting from Personal Injury


The Firm has successfully advanced and litigated hundreds of personal injury claims. Personal injury claims may involve injuries arising from workplace accidents (workers’ compensation); automobile accidents; slip and fall accidents; injuries resulting from defective machines or products; or injuries resulting from improper practices committed by doctors or other healthcare providers (medical malpractice). When an injury or death results from the negligence of another party the injured person is entitled to collect monetary damages. Alampi & De Marrais will investigate prepare and “work-up” a personal injury claim to obtain maximum recovery. The key to our success is: (1) preparation; (2) research and thorough investigation; (3) retention of top flight experts; (4) aggressiveness; and ,(5) the willingness to go to court. The size of our Firm ensures personalized and direct interaction between the client and the attorney.


WORKERS COMPENSATION: Injuries on the job


If you are you an Employee who has sustained an injury while on the job you are entitled to compensation. Alampi and De Marrais has extensive experience in representing both employees and employers in workers compenstaion matters. As such the Firm understands the complex issues that can arise pertaining to Workers Compensation claims. Whether you are the petitioner or the respondent, our Firm will take the appropriate and necessary legal action to provide competent representation.





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